MRW Project

Project Overview

In this project we proposed to MRW, a leading company in the parcel delivery sector, a redesign of their web to increase the number of users using their website and also the satisfaction of use. At the same time, another proposal was made in parallel for the mobile application, as they wanted to captivate more MRW's usual customers. In order to improve the desired aspects for the company, such as the sending and tracking of packages by its clients, different research techniques such as user testing and heuristic evaluation were carried out.

The challenge

The rest that was presented to us in this project was to standardize the shipping and collection processes that normally have a variety of options for that process through the web. To do this, we began redesigning the web application so it is easier to move to desktop format.

The solution

The solution was specially treated by the marketing department, which was the one that was most connected with the client to contemplate all their needs when redesigning the information architecture of the platform.


UI Designer




Android/iOS App


Sketch, ProtoPie, Illustrator


Personas, surveys, feature, priorization


2 months

©Beatriz Gómez Pérez. All rights reserved.

©Beatriz Gómez Pérez. All rights reserved.

©Beatriz Gómez Pérez. All rights reserved.