FCB Botiga

Project Overview

One of the first projects when I worked in a consultancy was to work on the proposal for a tablet and mobile app for FCB Botiga. FCB Botiga is the company in charge of merchandising for the Barcelona Football Club team. This application would serve mainly to help customers who enter one of its stores and also as an internal tool for employees. For this project I worked hand in hand with the marketing department to work on different aspects of usability.

The challenge

The challenge was to make it an ambivalent application for customers entering a store as well as for the employees themselves, as both designs had to coexist in the same application.
It was also very interesting in this project the idea of innovating at the time of purchase and to be more interactive for customers.

The solution

The solution consisted of creating a kiosk at the entrance to the store that was connected to the tablet app so that the customer could find the products they wanted faster and the employee could have all the information faster once the customer arrived at the checkout.


UI Designer


FCB Botiga


iOS Platform


Sketch, ProtoPie, Illustrator


Personas, surveys, feature priorization


3 months

©Beatriz Gómez Pérez. All rights reserved.

©Beatriz Gómez Pérez. All rights reserved.

©Beatriz Gómez Pérez. All rights reserved.